The Weekly 2000 AD Prog 2241: Gigantic, Gigantic… Dept K Take On The Locusts

by Richard Bruton

Time to head out to the land of 2000 AD, the UK’s greatest sci-fi weekly comic for four decades and counting… it’s the Weekly 2000 AD

Cover by Dan Cornwell

This week, there’s more from those cover-featured investigators of the incredible, Department K, more from Aquila and Skip Tracer, and the second part of the latest John Wagner and John HigginsJudge Dredd, ‘Now That’s What I Call Justice’. And making up the quintet of strips, we have the return of Sinister Dexter, or rather just Sinister this time round, as Dan Abnett and Steve Yeowell return. And they ain’t the only ones.

2000 AD Prog 2241 is out today, Wednesday 21 July. And again, a reminder that it’s time to support your local comic shop – they’re hurting right now and need your cash to keep their cash flow going. Use ’em or lose ’em time folks!

Okay then, fancy a look inside Prog 2241?

JUDGE DREDD: NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL JUSTICE – PART 2 – John Wagner, John Higgins, colours by Sally Hurst, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Righty then… second part of a brand-new Dredd from Wagner & Higgins? Don’t mind if we do!

Anyhow, this really is one of those second episodes where the best way to show you the excitement is to show you episode one’s final panel, as Dredd realises there’s a Judge assassination programme in action in Mega-City One… and they even leave calling cards…

Oh yes, there’s a Judge killer on the loose… with Dredd on their tail.

But we begin the second episode back with the countdown framing sequence, more from the View From The Chair show running its countdown of the greatest Judge moments in MC-1.

It’s number nine and it’s the one and only appearance in the Top Ten of Now That’s What I Call Justice for Judge Milkin, probably not coincidentally the Judge Dredd found executed in the first episode.

As View From the Chair continues, Dredd’s investigating another bit of interesting viewing with Justice Watch, who’ve been hacking into the public network to show a few dirty Judges in action. And more to the point, they’re the group behind the ‘Executed by…’ calling card found with Milkin and now the same card has turned up on the body of another dead Judge.

And they’re by no means the first. Someone’s out to kill the Judges they see as corrupt.

Wagner and Higgins on Dredd? Oh yes, this is as good as you thought it would be.

SKIP TRACER – EDEN – PART 5 – James Peaty, Paul Marshall, colours by Dylan Teague, letters by Jim Campbell

Skip Tracer – the next generation? Well, the child he’s only just found out about does have his abilities after all.

And that means trouble – just what would the Consociation do to get hold of little Eden and her powers?

Well, as it turns out, you’re about to find out.

This one really is skipping along nicely, switching things up from the previous Skip Tracer serials and giving us an interesting adventure with some more of that great Paul Marshall artwork.

DEPARTMENT K: COSMIC CHAOS – PART 8 – Rory McConville, Dan Cornwell, Colours by Len O’Grady, letters by Simon Bowland

So now Department K, minus Judge Blackcurrant, have met the beings who managed to kill one of the Locusts, those huge interdimensional gatekeepers, who Judge Kirby recognises… and it’s not good…

So, it’s Department K against beings that can kill a Locust… now that’s what you call poor odds.

This one really has been suitably weirdly cosmic, with Cornwell’s artwork stepping up to give the big visual spectacle to the cosmic ideas on show.

SINISTER: BULLETOPIA CHAPTER 5: ITS OWN DEVICES – PART 1 – Dan Abnett, Steve Yeowell, John Charles, Simon Bowland.

Back to the world of Downlode and the Bulletopia storyline with the strip formally known as Sinister Dexter.

Of course, if you’ve been following, having it called Sinister might be a surprise… as Finn Sinister died.

But hey, this is comics… dyings not as big a deal here as it is in the real world. And with the Downlode AI involved, a new body build isn’t too difficult a thing… So… once he’s found a pair of pants, Sinister needs to get his ass in gear and prevent the AI taking over the world – poor Finn, getting his arse kicked by a machine and that final page just adds insult to the injury, with Abnett not being able to resist playing with things here.

So, can’t be that long before we get to see the boys back together… unless Finn manages to “funt” this one up?

AQUILA: THE RIVER OF HADES – BOOK 1 – PART 4 – Gordon Rennie, Patrick Goddard, colours by Dylan Teague, letters by Annie Parkhouse

Just another day in Hades… that’s how this one starts, as the massed armies of Hell play out the same deadly battles day after day after day.

Into this, needing to get across the plains filled with the fighting masses, we have Aquila and friends… well, friends is probably too much, seeing as there’s presumably going to be some double-crossing going on at some point.

So… it’s across the plain towards the next BIG thing in their way, but not before there’s some blood to be spilled as one of the gang gets to pay a hefty price for passage. Hey, it’s Aquila… it’s fighty fighty, bloodshed every week, and always with a load of great art from Goddard.


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