Comic-Con@Home 2021: ‘The Wheel Of Time’ Previewed At Amazon Panel

by Erik Amaya

While Amazon’s Comic-Con@Home panel showcased several shows, The Wheel of Time is the one we’re most excited to see in the coming year. Executive Producer Rafe Judkins discussed how the Robert Jordan book series meant a lot to both himself and his mother as misfits in Utah. He also said it “sits in the fantasy pantheon as the connective tissue between The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. It created more POV characters than you saw in fantasy at that time.” Judkins also added, “I want to stay close to the books as much as possible. But we want to tell it in the best way for television. It stays true to the spine of the storytelling.”

“I always chased The Wheel of Time because it has characters I think [TV viewers] will welcome into their hearts,” he added.

The program will feature actors like Rosamund Pike, Josha Stradowski, and Zoë Robins. “You need someone who feels that part and believes it 100%,” he said of Pike, who plays beloved series character Moiraine. “I could just tell from the way she spoke of Moiraine that she understood this women. She was the only option for this character.”

As opposed to a series like Game of Thrones, Judkins said his big problem is not running out of story, but telling the story — which spans 14 novels (three of which were written by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan’s death) — in a reasonable amount of time. He even went as far as to plot the series in an eight-season outline before he wrote the pilot. That said, Judkins is willing to go longer if everything works.

Judkins also released a teaser poster. “It’s a very iconic moment in The Eye of the World,” he teased. “It’s really exciting and special.” The program will debut in November.

Evangelion boss Hideaki Anno also took some time to discuss the grand finale movie, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, debuting August 13th on Amazon Prime Video. He considered the 26 years he put into the story, the “quality of the work” and the enduring appeal of the Evangelion phenomenon.

“Creation does not have an end,” he said when asked about the revised version of the film, which differs from the theatrical version which debuted in Japan earlier this year. “We don’t want to compromise on quality.”

Having finished Eva at age sixty-one, Anno said he is ready to do some “live action shots.”

The panel also featured looks at the upcoming I Know What You Did Last Summer series, the thriller S.O.Z., — “the craziest show to come out of Latin America” according to creator Nico Entel — and IMDbTV’s Leverage: Redemption, which features LeVar Burton in an upcoming episode.

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