Review: ‘The Bad Batch’ S01 Ep.13 ‘Infested’

by Olly MacNamee

After the rather exciting episode last week, the gang return to Ord Mantell only to find Cid has been usurped, which leads to a rather dull and pedestrian adventure this week. 

It seems there’s a new crime boss in town, Roland Durand, who’s teamed up with even more nefarious criminal colleagues, the Pykes. The Bad Batch head off on a stealth mission to rob Roland and go underground where there is a nest of creepy crawlies that are easily triggered by sound. Needless to say when Wrecker drops a torch into the chasm in which these space bugs abode, all Hell breaks loose. Although the swarm are so fast you can hardly make them out, thereby minimising any sense of terror or danger really. 

With their precious cargo of spice now taken, but lots when attacked by the big bad bugs, it’s not too long until the Pykes come calling and demanding for its return. Taking Omega as hostage – rather too easily –  Clone Force 99 have no other choice but to retrieve the spice and set off once more underground. This really is lazy writing and a lazy episode.

Even the way they fend the space bugs off – using light – is pretty boring. Why do they even have to build some kind of light bomb anyway? Surely these sort of items are easily accessed in the Star Wars universe. There is absolutely no sense of peril whatsoever in this particular episode.

Roland Durant

All-in-all It’s all rather dull and predictable and adds nothing to the larger story really.  Even the inclusion of some very low-grade Star Wars universe bad guys, the Pykes, won’t get too many fans excited by their inclusion. It’s an episode I find very hard to enthuse about and very hard to extensively review either, given how little actually happens. So, I’ll leave it there and how for a more Star Wars centric episode to come and maybe, juts maybe, more on the rise of the Empire at the cost of democracy and freedom across the galaxy. 

The Bad Batch is currently streaming on Disney + with new episodes each and every Friday.

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