Review: ‘Moon Knight’ #2 Begins A Shadowy War

by Tony Thornley

Marc Spector’s shadowy war against the forces of darkness gained a new foe at the end of last issue. Moon Knight #2 fires the first shots of that new conflict — and it’s one of the craziest, weirdest battles Moon Knight has ever faced.

Cover by Steve McNiven & Edgar Delgado

Mister Knight and the Midnight Mission are just getting started and they’re already incredibly busy. It’s a good thing that the Moon Knight is there to protect those who travel by night. This latest threat comes from Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and Cory Petit.

A string of attacks have terrified residents of the city. It’s become bad enough to draw Mister Knight’s attention. Can he discover the source of the curse that’s turning New York’s retiree population into killing machines before they track him down?

MacKay came up with a really fun idea with this one. It’s weird, and surreal, but it also feels like a genuine threat to Marc and his alters. I genuinely don’t think “hallucinogenic sweat and mind control” would work nearly as well with any other character without feeling silly. Yes, it does still feel silly here, but the silliness elevates how eerie and wrong it feels. Combined with the continued world building, and some earnest and genuine character moments, this is a really great single issue story.

Cappuccio continues to show why he was the right choice for the line work on this title. He does very good (while relatively conventional) pages leading up to the confrontation. Knight is always in motion, and everything is thoughtful as he draws it on the page. Then when the confrontation shifts into the mindscape, he goes weird and experimental — using larger panels, thinner gutters, and a huge splash page that’s absolutely the highlight of the issue. 

Rosenberg does a great job at using softer colors to play into the setting, especially the late night times the issue takes place in. The colors are not muddy, and they let the story breathe. When Mister Knight or Moon Knight are the page, her colors choices draw the eye to them, making the hero the focal point at all times.

The Moon Knight’s mission is to protect those who travel by night. And after this issue, that might be harder than he thinks.

Moon Knight #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.


Moon Knight’s war against the darkness gets scarier. It’s an eerie issue, with incredibly moody art, and the kind of threat you’d only find in a Moon Knight story.

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