Advance Review: ‘Vinyl’ #3 Ramps Up The Gore In Another Savagely Black Humoured Issue

by Olly MacNamee


Serial killer Walter continues to seek out Dennis, an FBI agent he has grown attached to. ‘Vinyl’ #3 serves up more gore and guffaws in another savage, satirical issue.


In Vinyl #3 Walter continues to hunt down his FBI “friend” deep in the heart of the Bellini Family Sunflower Farm. A front for a death cult that has Dennis, the FBI agent, captured. And, we continue to be introduced the most savage of serial killers Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard can conjure up. This issue’s cover star is Rennie, a woman who seems to keep from scratching herself by bathing in blood. And something of a star in her own lifetime within the serial killer community. The twins we met last issue are huge fans! 

As with last issue we get a flashback sequence that introduces this month’s favoured monster as well as progressively more gore too. Lashings of it, and much of it in savage close-ups that add a sense of terrifying claustrophobia and confusion to events. It’s another great example of the two co-creators trying to bring a certain slasher film cinematic sensibility to the printed page, and works effectively well. 

As rescue missions go, it’s certainly one of the most bizarre you’re likely to read, but Hillyard’s art style keeps it from being too grotesque in its depictions of mutilation. 

Across this issue we also learn something more of Walter’s obsession with collecting vinyl records, and how it helps him function. Even if by functioning, he also kills folks. But, even with this knowledge, in a book full of monsters, we are still encouraged to side with Walter. After all, he has show the most morality in his loyalty to Dennis. Even though the bar for mortality is pretty low to begin with in this satirical series, given the subject matter and the cast of characters. But then this is a black comedy and encourages the reader to enter this dark, gruesome world and leave their judgements at the door. 

Vinyl #3 offers up a labyrinthian compound with horror around every corner, an unending supply of colourful killers and a wicked sense of humour too. It all adds up to deliver one of the more humorous horror books on the shelves and a series I am thoroughly enjoying. And out this Wednesday 25th August from Image Comics/12 Gauge Comics.

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