Kickstarting Comics: ‘Dead By Dawn’ Horror Anthology Matches Comic Book Pros With New Creators

by Olly MacNamee

Dead By Dawn is a new horror anthology that aims to not only brings together some of the most respected professional UK comic book creators, but pair them up with up and coming small press/indie writers and artists. And all in time for a Halloween publication date.

Dead By Dawn #1 Cover by Charlie Adlard

The anthology will consist of 10 original, creator-owned stories no longer than four pages in length. Creators lined-up for this new comic book anthology include Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead), Dan Abnett(Guardians of the Galaxy, Vampirella: The Dark Powers), Steve Pugh (Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass, Billionaire’s Island) and David Hine (Liphook, Sonata). And coloured throughout by Matt Hollingsworth (Seven to Eternity).

Artwork by Steve Pugh

Brought to you by small press publisher Scar Comics and (open disclaimer!) whose Co-Publisher and EiC Shane Chebsey is my co-host on the ICE-Cast (coming back for a second series this September – this new anthology is currently midway through it’s Kickstarter campaign which you can check in on here.

Amongst the list of pledges available you can grab the Charlie Adlard variant edition cover, signed, for £20 (the ‘Zombie Reward’ pledge), a selection of books and entry to next year’s ICE comic convention for £99 and more. But, unlike other crowdfunders, it’s not too exhaustive a selection to chose from, which isn’t a bad thing. And you have until mid-September to back this anthology. Just in time for the witching season!

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