Not Your Final Girl Podcast: Into The Woods (Again)

by Brendan M. Allen

Content warning: One of the movies discussed in this episode features sexual assault, both discussed and implied. If you don’t want to hear Ariel and Candace talking about this subject, you can stop listening at about the 52 minute mark to avoid it.

Your intrepid hosts promised you ghouls an update on their backpacking/trail maintenance trip in the Los Padres National Forest back at the beginning of the summer, and here they are with two more wilderness horror movies, along with a harrowing hiking tale of their own. Today, they’ve got backpackers atmospherically getting chased by a bear in Backcountry (2015), and backpackers atmospherically getting chased by an outback serial killer in Wolf Creek (2005).

Come for the horrors of the natural world, stay for the surprise friendships, haunting mysteries, dismantling of toxic masculinity, torture porn, and of course – the Official Not Your Final Girl Rewrite. Sure Wolf Creek is a little rough, and Backcountry slanders the humble and derpy black bear, but much like backpacking, once you’re done you’ll think, “that was a pretty fun time.” Plus, with this double feature, you won’t have to worry whether you brought enough water or sunscreen.

Movies Discussed: Backcountry (2015), Wolf Creek (2005), Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975)

Show music by Ariel Dyer –

Show art by Brian Demarest:

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