Webcomic Weekly: John Cei Douglas’ ‘Some Kind Of Dogs’

by Richard Bruton

How’s about this for a perfect formula for Webcomic Weekly? Take one brilliant cartoonist and add whimsical funny shorts about dogs…yep, that should work a treat – it’s the wonderful John Cei Douglas with Some Types of Dogs.

John Cei DouglasAll The Places In Between was a beautiful thing, emotional, powerful, a meditation on mental health, one that demanded multiple readings, one that gave so much.

Some Types of Dogs, his work for the New Yorker magazine, is a very different thing, short snippets of wonderful fun, with a gorgeous, minimal line, something to make you smile – and god knows, that’s something we need right now.

You can find all of them at John’s website, as well as his other, incredible work… here’s just a couple of the treats in store…

Lost Dog

Space Dog

Mountain Dog


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