Bethesda Invites Players To Get Immersed In Next-Gen With ‘Deathloop’

by Sage Ashford

Arkane Lyon and Bethesda Softworks’ first-person action title Deathloop is only weeks away now, and Bethesda has released a new trailer showing the benefits of playing the game on the PlayStation 5.  The trailer is short, containing the usual upgrades like graphical improvements, but it also talks about the advantages of the DualSense’s Adaptive Triggers, which can make every gun feel unique. It also allows for things such as the shoulder trigger being blocked to show the gun being jammed.
The trailer also shows the DualSense’s haptic feedback changing how the controller feels based on the movement made in the game, a marked improvement from the generic rumble from the Dual Shock controllers.
Deathloop releases on PlayStation 5 and PC September 16th.

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