There’s A New Yellow Lantern In Town In ‘Green Lantern Annual 2021’

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Bernard Chang, Alex Sinclair

Written by Ryan Cady
Art by Sami Basri, Tom Derenick
Coloured by Hi-Fi

“Once an agoraphobic scared to even leave her room, Jessica Cruz overcame her fear to become a Green Lantern and face the darkest and deadliest threats in the universe. But now, Jessica’s gone from overcoming fear to using it as a weapon. When Yellow Lanterns attacked the Green Lantern Sector House she took refuge in when the Central Power battery was destroyed, Jessica turned the tables on them, giving them something to be afraid of, as she beat them one-by-one. But now that she’s been offered a place in the Sinestro Corps, will she accept?”

Green Lantern Annual 2021 is out Tuesday 7th September from DC Comics

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