‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #75 Kicks Off A New Era On October 6th

by Brendan M. Allen

An all-star lineup of writers and artists have assembled to bring you one of the boldest sagas in Spider-Man history. Kicking off next month in Amazing Spider-Man #75, creators Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, Zeb Wells, Kelly Thompson will team up on the thrice-monthly title and shake up the Spider-Man status quo beyond your wildest expectations. 

This revolutionary era will see the return of Peter Parker’s fan-favorite clone: Ben Reilly. Backed by the Beyond Corporation, Ben Reilly is more than ready to take over and be the best Spider-Man there ever was. Does he have what it takes? And what does Peter have to say about it? This fresh take on the Spider-Man mythos will introduce new foes, redefine classic villains, and make you rethink the whole concept of Spider-Man! Get your first look at Ben Reilly’s early adventures as the new Spidey in the all-new Amazing Spider-Man Beyond trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork.

Find out if Ben Reilly is up for the challenge when Amazing Spider-Man #75 hits stands on October 6th. 

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