Previewing ‘The Fall Of Deadworld Book 3’: Dark Despair As The Fall Continuesss

by Richard Bruton

Dark Judges, dark comics… but The Fall Of Deadworld takes the inevitable destruction of all life on a planet and turns it into a haunting, compelling storyline…

The game has entered its next phase. The Apocalypse War hasss begun!

Oh yes, the third volume in the most inevitable book coming out of 2000 AD brings even more of the misery and despair to this doomed little world, now with added Apocalypse War!

Inevitable? Of course, after all, this is the tale of Deadworld, home of the Dark Judges, and The Fall of Deadworld tells exactly that, the way that the world fell, the way the Dark Judges extinguished all life on their planet before moving on, out into the universe, looking for more victims.

None of that is to say that it’s not bloody enjoyable seeing the inevitable play out, as Kek-W and Dave Kendall have become masters at bringing us all the inevitable darkness and despair over the course of the series.

Here, those dastardly Dark Judges are busy spreading their contagion over their planet. Although, at least for a while, the orders to kill and destroy are coming from Chief Judge Tweed, who’s supplanted Judge Death and taken over its mission to murder a planet.

The Dark Judges are already spreading their contagion across the globe and in the depths of space, exterminating all life under the orders of Chief Judge Tweed. However, both the forces of death and the forces of life about to learn, just because Judge Death is dead, doesn’t mean that he is gone.

As the Mega-City marches inevitably on towards becoming the Necropolis, a valiant little band of the living (and the undead) are mounting their own, futile, desperate attempt to fight back.

And then, just to make matters worse, the Sovs decide now’s the time to launch an assault on MC-1. Oh boy, they’re really not prepared for what they’re going to find, are they?

The Fall Of Deadworld Book 3

By Kek-W and Dave Kendall, letters by Annie Parkhouse, Simon Bowland

Published by 2000 AD / Rebellion on 14 September


The Fall Of Deadworld – Doomed (Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 2150-2161)

The Fall Of Deadworld – Sidney (Prog 2162)

Visions of Deadworld –
Last Man Standing (Prog 2210), The Good Samaritan (Prog 2211), A Girl’s Gotta Eat (Prog 2212), You Give Me Fever (Prog 2225), The Man Who Killed Mortis (Prog 2226), Leigh (Prog 2227), Transpolar (Prog 2229-2230)

Okay then… preview time… from the start of Doomed


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