Christopher Priest Continues His Vampirella Saga With ‘Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy’

by Erik Amaya

Although Vampirella #25 was the last regular issue of the series from writer Christopher Priest, the tale of Vampi’s marriage continues in the newly announced Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy.

The miniseries, which Dynamite Entertainment unveiled Thursday morning, sees the Daughter of Drakulon traveling to Dracula’s castle to cheat fate. Even as the Dracula Virus continues to be held at bay, the newlyweds must make for Transylvania to discover more about themselves, each other, and the twisted history that has lead them to this point.

“We’ve kept Dracula off the board, from day one, because I’d planned to do this,” Priest said in a statement. “One of my first requests to Dynamite — ‘No Drac for the first year, please.’ When we bring Dracula into our series, we need that to be an event. I realize how overused a claim it is but, trust me, you’re in for the trippiest love triangle/murder mystery in Dracula history, as well as an all-new vision for the classic character.” Joining Priest on the Vampirella’s latest adventure are artist Donny Hadiwidjaja, colorist Mohan, and letterer Willie Schubert.

Variant covers for the first issue include work from Adam Hughes, Lucio Parrillo, Rose Besch, Shannon Maer, KyuYong Eom, and cosplayer Ani-Mia. There will also be a limited edition incentive cover by master painter Greg Hildebrandt.

Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy is scheduled for release in December.

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