A Brand-New Funny Comic For Kids: ‘Monster Fun’ Coming From Rebellion

by Richard Bruton

Following on from the Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Special, coming in October, Rebellion announce a brand-new bi-monthly Monster Fun humour comic for kids, bringing the best of the past, present, and future of Brit comics to kids worldwide!

This hit the news this week, the details that Rebellion are going to be launching a brand-new comic for kids coming from April 2022, following on from the Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Special coming out in October.

Yes, Rebellion brings out a brand-new humour comic, launching in April 2022, bringing you all the fun of the classic humour comic characters from the Treasury of British Comics archive, redone, rejigged, and brought bang up to date by the best humour comic artists in the biz. It’s going to be a bimonthly comic, heading to comic shops and newsagents every two months, 32-pages featuring the likes of Sweeny ToddlerFrankie SteinThe Leopard from Lime Street, and Draculass, along with new stories like TokolosheHell’s Angel and Scare Salon.

The creative talent announced already looks impressive, with Juni Ba (Monkey Meat), Robin Etherington (one half of the Etherington Brothers (How to Think When You Draw), Matt Baxter (The Phoenix), and the legendary Brit comics make Tom Paterson (The Beano) already announced as taking part, with more to be announced.

The Monster Fun entertainment begins this Halloween, with the 48-page Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Special issue coming out on 6th October, featuring GumsHire A HorrorKid KongTeddy ScareWiz War, and a heck of a lot more!

Lew Stringer’s art from Wiz War in the Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Special

But the new Monster Fun bi-monthly takes a place on British newsstands alongside Beano and the Phoenix Comic. It really is a huge deal, the first regular new kids comic for a long time, backed with the full resources of Rebellion, publishers of 2000 AD and dipping into the full archive of classic comedy strips from the Treasury of British Comics.

Any new comic for kids is something that we all should be getting behind, as any comics designed for the next generation of readers is a great, great thing.

Now, Rebellion and 2000 AD have already been doing a certain amount of all-ages material through the 2000 AD Regened Progs of all-ages material, but this is a whole new level of commitment and something that needs to be celebrated. Yes, based on the sales charts we see about comic and graphic novel sales, it would appear that all-ages success comes through graphic novels and books (seriously, if you need convincing about that, just check out the sales of every new Dog Man book by Dav Pilkey and the continued success of anything with Raina Telgemeier‘s name on it), but Rebellion are convinced there’s also a market out there for kids picking up comics as well.

Now, if you’re a comics fan, and I’m assuming you are if you’re here reading this on a comics site, you HAVE to want to see as many comics getting into as many hands as possible. So, ANY new comic for kids absolutely has to be a good thing. All of which means that you need to pick up the Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular Special issue on th6 October and then you need to get the Monster Fun comic when it comes out next year, and maybe think about subscribing right now at the Monster Fun site.

But more than that, if you believe in comics, you also should believe that spreading the word is a good thing. So, why not gift a comic for kids to all the kids you know – your own kids, your nephews and nieces, the local school library – it doesn’t take much to pass on the gift of comics, but doing so means you can make a real difference!

Unless, of course, you’re one of those ‘fans’ who believes that comics is something that only exists for your own enjoyment, the sort of fan whose enjoyment of the medium stopped many decades ago, the sort of fan who wants comics to be exactly what you liked all those decades ago (yes, Comicsgate, YOU.) In which case, just crawl away and shut the hell up. I’d use a lot more nasty language, but hey, this is an all-ages post.

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