Kickstarting Comics: ‘Gravestown’ From Gibson And Danks, The Team From ‘Harker’ Bring The Horror Fantasy!

by Richard Bruton

Just the other day I was telling all about the brilliance that was Roger Gibson and Vincent DanksHarker series, and now, time for more from Gibson and Danks, as they bring the first issue of their fantasy horror comic to Kickstarter, Gravestown!

It’s a brand-new Kickstarter campaign for the Roger Gibson written and Vince Danks drawn Gravestown; 31 pages of full-colour fantasy, bringing you vampires, faeries, UFOS, ghosts and zombies together in one adventure.

If you’ve experienced the brilliance of Harker, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gravestown features just the same Gibson wry, humourous scripts and Danks’ stunning artwork, fully coloured by Andrew Richmond, the colourist on the re-issued Harker.

In Gravestown, you’ll get to see the tale of Emma, a “sexy, sassy girl cast into an extra-dimensional society of out of control vampires, who are eager to violently take over the community, and then the world beyond. Emma has to fight for her life to survive and to save her friends!”

Yep, sounds like a blast!

It might be all-new in this form, but it’s from a comic that came out of Brit comics over 20 years ago, with writer Roger Gibson and artist Mark Wayne Barrett publishing a pilot issue of the comic way, way, way back when.

Now completely reworked, this one should be rather good – all the brilliance of Harker, transplanted from the cop procedural into the world of fantasy horror in Gravestown.

Gravestown‘s all done and ready to go, with the whole 4-issue series written and drawn and ready to be released through subsequent Kickstarter campaigns.

Obviously, as it’s a Kickstarter there’s a host of special deals to be had, including a digital version of that original Gravestown.

There’s also a bonus digital copy of Raven #1, another Gibson and Danks joint from way back in the days of Aeriel Press.

It’s got a modest target, but it would be great to see it blow through the targets and give the creators a chance to really go great guns on what looks like a stunning new series.

So – back it right here.

There’s more details over at the Kickstarter, but here’s just a little to whet your whistles…

There’s the Gravestown Issue 1, print and digital, that original Gravestown #1 and the rare Raven #1. And then there’s options to get some particularly gorgeous Vincent Danks artwork on posters, art, bookplates, original art, and prints… such as these…


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