Knull And Anti-Venom Join ‘Marvel Contest Of Champions’ In October

by Gary Catig

The new month brings along with it another update to the popular mobile fighter, Marvel Contest of Champions. It looks like Venom and Carnage aren’t the only symbiote related characters we’ll be seeing more of in the world since both Anti-Venom and Knull will be arriving to the game. Here’s a tease for what’s in store for October.

“A call for help from Nova has come in from the edge of the Symbiote Lands, the unforgiving Battlerealm region that the many Kylntar, (or “Symbiotes”) call home. 

Nova picked up a distress signal from within the Symbiote Lands, one that supplied only foreboding words: “HE IS HERE. OVERRUN.” 

With the rest of the Battlerealm’s Champions indisposed, he has turned to The Contest’s most reliable hero, The Summoner!”

Along with the announcement of the latest combatants, a new motion-comic was released to promote their arrival. Additional content in the upcoming update includes bug fixes, balance updates, the COSMIC ECLIPSE Quest and more.

Marvel Contest of Champions is currently available for download.

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