Drew Morrison’s ‘Brokenland’ Live Now On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

This October, indie comics creator Drew Morrison invites fans to Kickstart the conclusion of his vividly illustrated silent comic, Brokenland. Aimed at lovers of Jim Woodring‘s Frank and Jeff Smith‘s Bone, the anthropomorphic creatures and lovable characters of Brokenland tell tales that balance dark humor and topical themes in a single 52-page double issue.

‘Growth, change, and a massive garbage problem. Meeso wants to do good but isn’t sure where to start; Brokenland is a tough city populated by all manner of weirdos. When a workplace accident sends the timid Meeso, whose intentions often go overlooked, down a bizarre path of self-discovery, the creature undergoes a transformation unlike any other.’

“After defining the larger themes, creating Brokenland was mainly a visual process for me and I allowed it to mutate and change with each issue,” said Morrison. “I try to make sure that there’s humor on every single page. There are archetypes and common threads throughout the series, but my hope is that each reader has their unique interpretation. The issue #4 conclusion will seriously reward fans who waited patiently between each self-published issue. I’m so excited for those who will experience all four issues as well as the Volume 1 collection!”

Backer rewards start at the $5 level for a digital copy of Brokenland #4. Ten bucks will get you a PDF of the first four issues. Print copies kick in at the $15 level, and there are also art prints, black and white drawings, color drawings, and original interior art available at higher backer levels. Check out the campaign right here

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