The Devil’s Spawn Must Survive A ‘Road Trip To Hell’ In New Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Nicole D’Andria has launched Road Trip to Hell #1-3: Divine Intervention on Kickstarter. In this first Road Trip to Hell story arc, Francis discovers he’s the son of the devil who must survive the infernal legions of Hell.

‘Go on a road trip to Hell with Francis Rhoades, a man born with a terrible power who discovers he’s the son of the devil. Now that the devil has died, Francis has been named King of Hell. But in order to inherit his powers, he must travel to Hell alongside his guardian angel, Joan of Arc, and his sister, Star, who’s in remission from cancer. 

And if anyone from Hell kills Francis before he can get there, they get to take his crown! Can Francis survive his trip to Hell? And even if he does, will he be a benevolent ruler or turn out to be even worse than the devil himself??? This dark comedy series has action, adventure, and the worst the world has to offer.’ 

Backer rewards begin at the $5 level for digital comics, and progress through physical copies, variant covers, more digital comics, and an opportunity to have Nicole D’Andria edit your very own comics script. Check out the campaign here

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