Art For Art’s Sake # 124: Feast Your Eyes On These Sequential Delights

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – put the work down, pull up a chair, sup on a coffee – and enjoy a few minutes peace looking at the pretty artworks…

A stunning Joe Kubert cover –

Kev Crossley – Dredd commission:

Well, here it is (again perhaps.) Dredd, Tweak and a large, angry newt. Or T-Rex.. (always get those two animals muddled.) SATANUS. It’s Satanus. I remembered.

Francesco Francavilla – Into The Kirbyverse –

And a Francavilla Grendel –

George Kambadais – Spidey –

Bilquis EvelySupergirl: Woman of Tomorrow #3 –

Dan Schkade – DD –

And Dan Schkade again – Cyclops looking for his keys…

Bruzzese on Twitter – Big Barda –

Spider-Man by Jason Pearson

More Jason Pearson – and early 2000’s unpublished Spider-Man cover –

Fernando Dagnino – Scarlet Witch –

Gary Frank – Hulk –

Kevin Nowlan – Hulk

Brent Schoonover

Well it only took me two years but I finally smartened up and have print of this Hulk I made for my con banner.

Archie and the gang commission by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez

Vee on Twitter – Harley –

Beautiful Michael Kaluta artwork –

Josh Cornillon – “the misadventures of himbo angel”:

Kevin Wada – 60s Harley and Ivy & ’70s DC Sirens –

Mike Mignola – storyboards for Blade II –


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