Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Round Up Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

While today will be a busy day filled with DC FanDome announcements what were people reading from the past week here on As ever, here’s your ten to takeaway:

  1. Of course the BIG news of the week was the announcement that Superman’s son was coming out as bisexual in the upcoming Superman: Son of Kal-El #5 this November. A story that was picked up by the mainstream press and heavily misconstrued by some as Kal-El himself coming out. Read up on it here.
  2. Another comic book related big news story was Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ NYCC announcement for the return of Saga from Image Comics with Saga #55 in 2022. Read more here.
  3. Last week’s Review Round Up was a hit with readers, as we collate all our comic book reviews in one handy place. Here’s last weekend’s column for your perusal.
  4. Each and every week Dynamite Comics provide us with shared exclusive previews and recently we’ve been posting these on a Sunday afternoon/early evening. And it seems to be working as all three of last week’s titles were our most popular previews of the week. You can catch the Army of Darkness: 1979 #2 preview here, Vampiverse #2 here and James Bond: Himeros #1 here.
  5. Another popular preview was for BOOM! Studios’ Once and Future #21, posted by Brendan M. Allen here.
  6. One more that makes it onto the list is AWA Upshot’s Telepaths #2 preview which you can read up on here.
  7. A final preview to share with you is for Scout Comics’ The Ninja Scouts one-shot here.
  8. Completely out of left field we also reported on Hoff & Pepper’s Smoken Ghost hot sauce, which does come with a comic making it a legitimate post to include. Brendan reports on this culinary release here.
  9. UK actor Will Poulter joins the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy 3 as Adam Warlock as reported on by Erik Amaya here.
  10. And Tito W. James brought us a trailer for web-based series Murder Drones here.

That’s if for another week, other than to leave you with a little bit something extra and another chance to catch the newest Hawkeye trailer if you haven’t done so already.

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