Dynamite Expands ‘Vampirella’ #25 Print Run In Wake Of Demand

by Erik Amaya

Dynamite wants to thank fans for helping to make Vampirella’s 50th anniversary an amazing one.

The company announced Thursday that Vampirella #25 and Nyx #1 hit strong sales marks. “Thanks to all of the creators involved, the support of fans, and confidence of retailers, Vampirella #25 jumped from the 20,000 copies mark up to 60,000 following FOC, aka “Final Order Cutoff.” While Nyx saw similar leaps from the 11,000 range up to 30,000,” Dynamite said in a statement. And in response to the strong demand, the print run for Vampirella #25 will be extend to 75,000 copies.

The issue, from writer Christopher Priest and artist Ergun Gunduz beings with “a mysterious, innocent young man is beset with a deadly prophecy.” He may be Dracula returned, but “with a chance of breaking the curse with the power of love, Vampirella forges a bond in blood to save his life and destiny. ”

Nyx, from writer Christos Gage, artist Marc Borstel, colorist Jordi Escuin, and letterer Taylor Esposito, focuses in on the “centuries old daughter of a human and the mad god Chaos.” Their human qualities are coming to the fore, but they still must transform into a demon and feed on the life force of living beings to survive. And if struggling with that internal conflict isn’t enough, Chaos attempts to re-enter their life. Oh, and they cross paths with Vampirella again, setting up the possibility for friendship, further enmity, and “something even stranger.”

“Are they doing good things for bad reasons? Are they fighting to overcome their inherent nature? Are they not sure? If handled properly, I think readers can relate to someone who makes mistakes or bad decisions more than they can someone who always gets it right,” Gage said in a statement. Besides featuring Nix, Chaos, and Vampirella, the series will also introduce a new character with a “surprising link to Vampi’s past.”

Nyx #1 and Vampirella #25 are due out on November 10th.

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