Advance Review: ‘Transformers: Beast Wars’ #9 Changes A Key Detail

by Benjamin Hall


The Maximals and Predacons, two fractions of the Transformers, are beginning a race to acquire allies from falling protoform pods. Whether an ally or an enemy is inside a pod is a mystery. Skold, a Predacon, will have to quickly learn after discovering a pod. Yet, will this pod contain more surprises than the one Skold is expecting?


Artist Josh Burcham is responsible for the creation of Cover A, and it features a nice amount of details. However, some of the subtler details get lost due to the setting and coloring. Covers B and RI are by artists Priscilla Tramonato and Alex Milne, respectively. Both of these covers are high quality, but the former is more cartoonish and the latter more realistic. Of the three Milne arguably does the best due to showing how the beast parts of the robot form would look horrific. Also Milne designs and colors the cover in a way that still feels age-appropriate for younger readers

Transformers: Beast Wars #9 Cover RI art by Alex Milne

Burcham’s work on the interiors is arguably better on the subtler details then his work on Cover A. This is partly due to the wider range of colors and different settings allowing for more to be seen. However, the quality of the designs is lesser in comparison to the design on Cover A. Mostly this is due to the line work being having more edges. The other reason is that Burcham seems to sacrifices some quality for expedience. Meaning he apparently chooses artistic shortcuts versus producing consistent quality. While commendable from a professional standpoint this is not a great thing from a consumer’s standpoint.

Writer Erik Burnham and letter Jake M. Wood handle the text. Burnham continues to impress with the characterization. Not to mention Burnham creates a possible change from the original show that should please some fans (Beast Wars: Transformers [1996-1999]). Whether Burnham sticks with this change, and remains with this series for its entirety, will determine if it is a smart choice or not. Well, that and how much IDW and Hasbro listen to purists versus other readers. As for Wood’s lettering there are a few bits of emphasis and placement that could be better. Yet, Wood overall does a good to great job, especially in certain panels that have little space and too much dialogue.

Transformers: Beast Wars #9 sees release on October 27, 2021 from IDW.

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