It’s Round 2 For Ryan And Jada Jet In A Preview Of Next Week’s ‘Batwoman’

by Erik Amaya

Although this preview for next week’s Batwoman revolves around Ryan’s second encounter with her mother, Jada Jet (Robin Givens), the episode itself is called “A Lesson From Professor Pyg.” That suggests a number of things … like Pyg’s usual MO returning to television after his broadcast debut on Gotham a few years back. But considering the way the season has been playing with its ideas so far, we expect the dinner with Jada to be a bigger threat than even Pyg.

As for this week’s episode, we loved all the interactions between Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and Mary (Nicole Kang)and the Alice/Sophie (Meagan Tandy) team-up. Those pairings always generate fun scenes. Ryan’s current conflict though, leaves us a bit cold (no pun intended). In fact, we’re unsure about this Black Glove Society. If it brings Doctor Hurt into the fold, great. But if sure feels like the show is positioning Jada as the big bad and that feels far less inspired.

Instead, we wonder what it is about Arkham that’s giving Alice hallucinations. Is it finally time for the Crime Bible? We’d love to see some of those ideas explored on this show.

Batwoman airs Wednesdays on The CW.

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