Wolverine Must Learn From His Past… Or The Future Is Doomed

by Brendan M. Allen

Starting in January, X Lives Of Wolverine and X Deaths Of Wolverine, a pair of interlocking series will usher in The Second Krakoan Age of X-Men. Week after week, writer Benjamin Percy and artists Joshua Cassara, Federico Vicentini, and Adam Kubert will journey across Wolverine’s history and future to deliver a transformative epic packed with revelations and exciting developments not just for Logan but for all of mutantkind.

‘The saga continues in February as X Lives Of Wolverine #3-4 present lost missions of the man called Logan! Wolverine’s time-shredding adventure sheds new light on eras of his life you thought you knew, and ones you never knew existed! Hang on for a ride from the early 1900s to missions with Department H and beyond. A peek into the past that will define the future…but only if he can stop OMEGA RED!’

‘While Logan fights his way through the past, who will protect the present? X Deaths Of Wolverine #3 will star the “Wolverine family” as Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Daken, and Scout enter the fray as the dark side of Wolverine’s time-traveling mission comes into focus. And in X Deaths Of Wolverine #4, the chase leads to the mutant nation of Krakoa, as the force of mutantkind’s ultimate destruction breaches its borders. Is this the last stand of Xavier’s dream? Readers, prepare for a major turning point in the X-Men mythos!’ 

“I’m going to make a bold statement: I set out to write the greatest Wolverine story ever told,” Percy told Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive interview. “I’m not trying to belittle previous creators when I say that. The opposite. I’m trying to honor them. When we reveal the expansive scope — and legacy elements — of the project, you’ll understand what I mean. We’re creating a definitive platform that channels all the Wolverine stories that came before, while shredding our way into a wild future.”

Check out February’s covers now and look for X Lives Of Wolverine #1 when it hits stands on January 19, 2022.

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