Something For The Weekend: Your Weekly Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

As a website that’s named, it’s good to see that the recent coverage of San Diego’s smaller comic con last weekend by our intrepid reporter Gary Catig takes a lot of spots on this week’s list. That and a good amount of other comic book news and previews too. Welcome to the weekend, folks, with your regular ten-to-takeaway.

  1. Gary Catig kept himself busy at Comic-Con Special Edition with his report on the Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator) being the first on our list. Read up on that panel here.
  2. Sina Grace was in attended at CCSE 2021 where he announced a couple of new comic book projects here.
  3. He also brought us a write-up of the Robotech panel here too. And, our most-read post of the entire week too!
  4. Finally, from CCSE 2021, Gary also attended the TokyoPop panel which you can read up on here.
  5. Then there was last weekend’s Review Round Up too. Catch it here.
  6. And, Something for the Thanksgiving Weekend too (here).
  7. Also from last weekend’s schedule we had guest star Tess Fowler dropped in on the ICE-Cast Live, which you can catch up on here.
  8. On the gaming front Tito W James brought news of new anime, Project City, from Rad Sechrist (Kipo And The Age of Wonderbeasts)Ethan BeckerChase Conley, and Coran Kizer Stone here.
  9. Sticking with anime, Sage Ashford brought us a review of Sword Art Online Progressive: Aria of a Starless Night here.
  10. And lastly we have a set of popular reviews too, with DC Comics winning out with previews for Justice League Dark 2021 Annual #1, Batman: The Detective #6 and Wonder Woman Historia The Amazons #1.

Right, that’s your lot. Expect… for that little bit of something extra I like to throw in. And this week, as it’s the Holiday season, here’s an all time animation classic from 1969, Frosty the Snowman!

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