AfterShock Comics Announces All-New ‘Bunny Mask’ For FCBD 2022

by Olly MacNamee

AfterShock Comics have announced that they will be offering not one but two brand new Bunny Mask story for its Free Comic Book Day 2022 (FCBD) offering. Paul Tobin, Andrea Mutti and Taylor Esposito and artist Roberta Ingranatare turn with this all-new issue “to further the compelling legend of the strange force of nature fans love to fear.”

But here’s Tobin now to explain more about the new comic book and how iy fits in with past events from Bunny Mask:

“The story centers on Tyler Severin, who has accidentally awoken Bunny Mask, an ancient, unfathomably eerie supernatural creature of great power, one who wants to seek out and eradicate what she considers “sickness” in our world. But her perceptions of sickness, and her solutions to the problems, are often as frightening as the sickness itself. It’s rather like Tyler has the girl from The Ring in his life. Our FCBD comic has two tales, one that further develops Bunny Mask’s strange relationship with Tyler, and another that gives readers a look at what Bunny Mask is up to when she’s away from Tyler, and the people who pay the price for her presence.”

And, he has a warning to any new readers too:

“To approach the creature known as Bunny Mask with caution. She appears human, to a certain degree. And she appears beautiful, to a certain degree. But there are other, uncanny degrees to this creature, and her perceptions of right and wrong are as foreign to us as an insect’s would be to our own.” 

so, look out for Bunny Mask Tales along with all the other FCBD offering on July 5th 2022 and support your local comic book store at the same time.

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