Free Comic Book Day 2022: Valiant Reveals New ‘Bloodshot,’ ‘Archer & Armstrong,’ ‘Ninjak’ Stories

by Brendan M. Allen

Arriving on May 7th, The Year Of Valiant 2022 FCBD Special will present new content featuring exciting original stories, insightful behind-the-scenes looks at upcoming comics, in-depth interviews with Valiant creators, and exclusive teasers for fan-favorite characters. The compelling tales starring flagship characters will reward longtime Valiant fans while also serving as easily accessible jumping-on points for new readers.

The Year Of Valiant 2022 FCBD Special

An all-new Bloodshot story from writer Deniz Camp and artist Jon Davis-Hunt. It’s a brutal brawl between living weapons as the nanite-infused supersoldier stands alone against a terrifying foe in a small town. Only Bloodshot can stop the twisted creation from unleashing more bloodshed and devastation on the neglected part of the country.

The fan-favorite duo of Archer & Armstrong go on a brand-new adventure. Written by Steve Foxe and featuring art by Marcio Fiorito, the young and optimistic Archer drags the care-free, hard-drinking and immortal Armstrong on a quest that leads them right into the base of an eldritch cult.

The creative team of Jeff Parker and Mike Norton present an action-packed ride starring NINJAK. In this thrilling original tale, a pair of tech-savvy hitmen set their sights on the superspy in an effort to collect the enormous bounty that is on his head.

Plus: Exclusive first looks at the future of Valiant’s iconic characters, including Shadowman and X-O Manowar.

Celebrate Free Comic Book Day 2022 at your local comic shop on Saturday, May 7th, 2022. 

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