The Comicon Advent Calendar: Day 23 – It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown

by Richard Bruton

It’s getting closer and closer – the trees are up, there’s a smell of mince pies everywhere, little kids (and big kids) are getting excited – so, time to give you the penultimate Comicon Advent Calendar for 2021. And of course, it had to be Peanuts and Charles M. Schulz

Sometimes all it takes is a little boy with a terrible tree and a hangdog expression to really deliver the whole idea of Christmas.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, says Christmas to me (at least in comics) quite as much as seeing poor old Charlie Brown struggle with the festive season once again. Warm feelings all around.

So, let’s celebrate the festive season with Charlie Brown and the gang. And whatever your Christmas is, no matter what your tree looks like, gorgeous or disheveled, we hope you have a great festive season.


Now, to end, just a little from 1965’s A Charlie Brown Christmas – essential viewing!

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