Review: ‘Ordinary Gods’ #6 Develop With Twists

by Benjamin Hall


A location in Brazil will be the battleground. Former Gods and the subjects of other gods are the fighters. The rewards are various, but include the former god The Prodigy. What will be the result of this major conflict?


The main story is by writers Kyle Higgins and Joe Clark, and the back-up is by writer Jana Tropper. All three writers do great with creating three-dimensional characterization. Also the dialogue in both stories is very realistic despite the fantastical elements. Both stories feature developments, but Higgins and Clark arguably focus more on plot. Though Tropper focuses more on character development there is some relation to the main story’s plot. While both stories are great the main one may have too many twists. Lastly, it is worth mentioning that either Higgins and Clark or letterer Clayton Cowles fail to place a comma correctly in a German sentence.

Ordinary Gods #6 (2022) 1:25 Variant cover art by Doaly and logo design by Rich Bloom.

Despite the one grammatical mistake one can discover if they translate the German sentence Cowles does a good job. In particular Cowles does places the anchors to word balloons so that they do not obscure tiny artistic details. Also the sizes of the balloons and boxes are appropriate to the amount of words. Though the style is arguable due to the thinness of the regular text versus the bold text. However, this possible argument relates to only select panels and not the whole issue.

Artist Felipe Watanabe and colorist Frank William do impressive work on both the main cover and the interiors. William does especially nice work when it comes to oranges and reds on the main cover. While Watanabe does a great job with proportions, especially the lead’s chin. When it comes to the interiors Watanabe and William do exceptionally well with depth and atmosphere, respectively. Unfortunately the main cover does have a flaw due to the positioning of a weapon that is in use. Thus, the character would actually die on this cover’s scene.

Artist Doaly, production artist Ryan Brewer, logo designer Rich Bloom, and editor/designer Michael Busutill also contribute to this issue. Doaly creates a relatively nice piece of art for the 1:25 Variant cover. However, the colors and textures somewhat clash with each other. Bloom’s logo design continues to hold up nicely, particularly on the main cover. While the designs of Busutill and production art by Brewer continue to help with the look of the book. Though as the series’s editor Busutill should have caught the grammatical mistake.

Ordinary Gods #6 (2022) is out now from Image Comics.

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