Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #12 Has A Mix Of Intelligence

by Benjamin Hall


Two forces, the Maximals and the Predacons, are warring on a mysterious planet. Yet, with a major confrontation just wrapping up questions remain. The first question being who if anyone is the winner? While the second is at what cost? Lastly, how many more battles until the war ends?


Writer Erik Burnham, artist Josh Burcham, and letterer Jake M. Wood create a narrative that ranges in quality. One of the better aspects is how the writing provides intelligent moments with both the text and visuals. Another is the characterization feels both consistent and like there is natural growth. Yet, there are a few negative aspects the trio inadvertently create. For instance Burnham resolves the arc in a way that is too abrupt. While Burcham gives a character the wrong colors on the last page. The last problem is Wood’s choices for size and emphasis in certain balloons are, at best, questionable.

Transformers Beast Wars #12 (2022) Cover B by artist Philip Murphy.

Artist John Yurcaba provides excellent coloring for Cover A. Specifically the use of darker hues to enhance the focus on the light from Megatron’s weapon. Not to mention the posing of Megatron and Optimus Primal has a nice sense of tension about it. The facial expressions are also very realistic. Unfortunately Primal’s design looks a tad too different in comparison to Megatron’s design. Meaning that it looks like they are character designs from two different concepts.

Artist Philip Murphy is the creator of Cover B. Murphy uses a dutch angle for some reason. At a guess it could be Murphy is trying to create more depth. Unfortunately while the cover gets that extra depth it also throws off the design. Thus, it looks like Rattrap is standing on a wall. Murphy’s style also does not look the best for these particular Transformers. This is cause the robotic elements look vastly off with the fur on Rattrap and Primal.

Artist Jamal Jones and colorist Ronda Pattinson are the creators of Cover RI. Jones captures a great moment in a fight. Also the proportions look amazing! There is even just the slightest difference in the sizes of Megatron and Primal. Pattinson does an astounding job with the colors, particularly on the smaller details, such as the inside of the shield. However, Jones and Pattinson are respectively too overt and subtle when it comes to the moon in the background. Jones also goes too extreme with the design of Megatron’s dinosaur head

Transformers Beast Wars #12 is out now from IDW.

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