Scout Comics Announces ‘Star Bastard’ As This Week’s Title Box Tuesday

by Brendan M. Allen

Scout Comics has announced Star Bastard as this week’s Title Box Tuesday. From writer Andrew Clemson and artist Jethro Morales, the Star Bastard Title Box contains a set of the single floppies, and a digital download/collectible card in Scout’s Comic Tag format.

‘Imagine if Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down was the leader of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Star Bastard follows a long-suffering mercenary crew as they stumble through the universe under the clumsy command of the loud, obnoxious (and invulnerable) Captain Greeves. 

Searching for clues to Greeves’ shadowy past, they leave a trail of lizard bounty hunters, angry alien empires and unpaid bar tabs in their wake.  Collecting all six issues of the foul-mouthed, over-the-top Sci-Fi romp, equal parts Red Dwarf and grain alcohol.’

There’s a mystery element in each box offering that includes rare variants, Holofoil and out-of-print covers. The Star Bastards Title Box is limited to 150 boxes, currently available for purchase on Whatnot (right here).


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