Review: ‘Justice League Incarnate’ #4 Begins To Run Out Of Steam

by Olly MacNamee


After a strong start, ‘Justice League Incarnate’ #4 marks a decline in this five-issue series. It’s another DC comic book series that relies too much on Darkseid who I feel is becoming too overused across the DCU whenever a crisis of this magnitude occurs.


It was something of a welcome surprise to see an artist of Chris Burnham’s calibre lead on a recap of the multiple crises the DCU has been through since the all-time classic Crisis on Infinite Earths, but that joy began to fade as Justice League Incarnate #4 progressed. The whole series seems to have run out of steam recently and this issue soon got weighed down by too much exposition. Indeed, what should have been a very dramatic and highly charged death of a fan-favourite character failed to deliver the intended shock value. A quick, dull death that the collective heroes soon move on from, no doubt because of the pressing matter of the potential downfall or everything.

Joshua Williamson has been delivering mini-series after mini-series focusing on the DC multiverse, and maybe now is the time that the steam is beginning to run out. Maybe it’s the ever depressing and desolate settings we’re witnessed, with Earth-7 featuring as this issue’s backdrop for the inevitable battle? Or maybe it’s the overuse of Darkseid who dominates this issue with his monologuing and Machiavellian machinations? In the grand scheme of crises storylines, this one is beginning to feel rather mediocre at best.

The DC multiverse is so rich in potentially and while this series started off well, the back end is beginning to sag.

Justice League Incarnate #4 is out now from DC Comics

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