Advance Review: Friendship Rules In Sina Grace’s ‘Rockstar And Softboy’

by Tom Smithyman


Writer and artist Sina Grace crafts a crazy story about two BFFs on a quest throw a great party. But when you strip away the outlandish clothing, shapeshifting cat and the occasional jockstrap, Rockstar and Softboy is a really story about friendship. You don’t need to relate to the eccentric characters to seek what this pair is really after.


Sina Grace’s latest story, Rockstar and Softboy defies genres as easily as it defies explanation. Part buddy story, part mythical adventure, part superhero tale – and all gay romp – Rockstar and Softboy is not your typical comic book tale.

The one-shot begins by introducing us to the titular besties. Rockstar is a would-be…you guessed it, rockstar. And Softboy is video game designer. The two gay BFFs live together in Hollyweird with Rockstar’s centuries-old cat Miaow Miaow, who can turn into human woman on command. After a night of hooking up with one of Softboy’s video game colleagues, Rockstar decides to through a party to help his friend get some much-needed action.

After inviting a menagerie of personalities – from the cliquey Witches to the punctual Zombies to druggie Sorcerer Stu – the party hits a snag when The Party Animal shows up and, well… relieves himself in the succulents. Suddenly party quickly dies, the friends realize they aren’t getting any, and tensions reach a boiling point. Luckily, the power of Turbo Gay saves the day. And if much of the above doesn’t make a lot of sense, let’s just say you need to read it to understand. Well, mostly understand.

Grace assigns himself double duty on this story, writing and drawing these outlandish characters. But as crazy as they are, there is something familiar in the two friends. And as wild as the story is, Grace knows exactly where he is taking the characters – and his readers.

Clearly, Grace’s story is not for everyone. But stripping away all the Abba references, the foot fetishes and the occasional jock strap, and you’ll find that Rockstar and Softboy is really a story of friendship. Yes, the two buddies may have over-the-top personalities that many cannot relate to, but we can all crave for a friendship like theirs. This pair would literally do anything for each other. And whether we are gay, straight or something in between, that is something we all aspire to.

Rockstar and Softboy will be available to purchase on February 23, 2022.

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