The ‘Wonder Twins’ Are Getting Their Own Feature On HBO Max

by Erik Amaya

Wonder Twins film powers, activate!

At long last, Zan and Jayna from the late 1970s Super Friends show are getting their own feature film on HBO Max. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Black Adam co-writer Adam Sztykiel will write and direct the film with Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey producing.

Created by Norman Maurer for episodes produced during the The All-New Super Friends Hour era, Zan and Jayna are two aliens from the planet Exxor who could shape-shift into any animal (Jayna) or state of water (Zan). Like Wendy and Marvin before them, they were self-insert characters for the viewers at home. But thanks to their powers, they could participate more directly in Super Friends adventures. Also along for their run was the Gleek the space monkey, who took his cues from Speed Racer‘s Chim-Chim and other trouble-making animal sidekicks. The character appeared in the Super Friends comics of the time and eventually entered mainstream DC Comics continuity in the 1990s, although appearances were often sporadic. The pair resurfaced in a celebrated Wonder Twins comic book by Mark Russell and Stephen Byrn in 2019. It is unclear if the film will be based on that run, but we imagine it will influence Sztykiel’s script to some extent.

It is unclear how quickly the project will go into production, but with Warner Bros. Pictures still intending to deliver two DC branded films per year to HBO Max, it is possible this will be fast-tracked for a 2023 release.

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