‘Catalyst’: SelfMadeHero’s Graphic Anthology Features As An Online Exhibition At The Cartoon Museum

by Richard Bruton

Following the launch of SelfMadeHero‘s Graphic Anthology Programme launch in 2021 which led to Catalyst the graphic novel anthology, now the UK publisher and London’s Cartoon Museum now announces… Catalyst – The Online Exhibition.

Catalyst Cover by Sajan Rai (cover art) and Txabi Jones (cover design)

SelfMadeHero is teaming up with The Cartoon Museum, London to present a new online exhibition of their new Graphic Anthology Programme, which was designed to develop, publish and promote emerging creators of colour from across the UK.

The exhibition, which showcases work from the anthology Catalyst, goes live on the Cartoon Museum’s website from 1st March until 31st May. You can view the exhibition here.

(The Guessing Game – Jason Chuang)

“We are delighted to share the work of the artists who participated in Catalyst through an online exhibition. It is an incredibly valuable project and we are very happy to see SelfMadeHero making an active decision to create a platform for artists who are under-represented in the comics industry. I hope that the online exhibition will share the artist’s amazing work and experiences, and encourage others to pick up a pencil and tell their own stories through drawing comics.” – Joe Sullivan – Director of the Cartoon Museum

GAP was created to promote UK comic makers of colour and consisted of seven artists working for an intensive 12 weeks alongside their mentors to culminate in the publication of Catalyst, the anthology of their eight-page graphic short stories – all united under one theme: ‘Catalyst’, imagining just some of the many ways ‘in which a chain of events might end in either euphoria or catastrophe. Sometimes both.’

Orbital Decay – Pris Lemon

Now the work of the artists, Charlotte Bailey, Jason Chuang, Dominique Duong, Shuning Ji, Pris Lemon, Calico N.M., Tyrell Osborne, and Sajan Rai, along with mentors Catherine Anyango Grunewald, Asia Alfasi, Sonia Leong, and Woodrow Phoenix,

“There is a vast array of talent in UK comics, but, like many other creative sectors, it has a long way to go in acknowledging and showcasing the contribution of artists of colour to the industry. My hope is that the launch of SelfMadeHero’s Graphic Anthology Programme will go a little way towards dissolving the gatekeeping that still permeates the UK comics scene, while giving space for new, innovative voices to be heard.” – Catalyst’s editor Ayoola Solarin

One Small Thing –  Dominique Duong



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