Review: ‘Transformers Beast Wars’ #13 Races Along

by Benjamin Hall


Cheetor and the other Maximals continue to take on the Predacons in the Beast Wars. Another fight over energon occurs in this adventurous issue. While both the Maximals and the Predacons need it only one group can win. Yet, what will the real aftermath of this battle be for Cheetor?


Writer Erik Burnham uses a great premise to speed up the over-arcing plot. Burnham arguably also does a good job making the expositional dialogue seem almost natural. While the effects that letterer Jake M. Wood uses enhance the internal monologue’s visual presentation. This is mostly due to how Wood creates the equivalent of billboards to prop the text. However, Wood’s work does not really assist does not always have the best positioning. Specifically when it slightly obscure’s this issue’s lead in one panel. There is also the flaw of Burnham relying on a cliché to double-back when it comes to the cliffhanger.

Transformers Beast Wars #13 (2022) cover B by artist Phillip Johnson

Colorist/artist SidVenBlu possibly creates some of the best displays of color in this series. Some of the colors seem to inadvertently assist with allowing Wood’s lettering to pop off the page more. Also the cool and darker hues work well with making the main setting seem distinct from the others in this issue. The various settings by interior artist Winston Chan also show a nice understanding of proportions. Chan also conceives shots that display how to size the art to show great amounts of terrain. Not to mention Chan does well at creating facial expressions which in turn enhances all of the characterization.

SidVenBlu is responsible for the visuals of Cover A. It features a great a good use of a dutch angle. Despite the proportions being high quality they feel like they are slightly off in select places of Cheetor’s body, especially his head. Though it is arguably still more agreeable when combining action with design than Cover B by artist Phillip Johnson. Nevertheless, Johnson does a commendable job at attempting to show Rhinox mid-transformation. Also commendable is how much detail artist Colm Griffin puts into his work on Cover RI. Despite Johnson’s rather busy design, and Griffin’s overly large moon, all three covers are high quality pieces

In conclusion this issue is for the most part a high quality comic. However, it may not be a hit with every fan of the Transformers franchise.

Transformers Beast Wars #13 (2022) is out now from IDW.

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