DC Comics Teases ‘Flashpoint Beyond’ #0 With A Five-Page Sneak Peek

by Olly MacNamee

Ahead of its inclusion in all DC Comics’ titles out Tuesday 29th March and Tuesday 5th April, we get the preview of Flashpoint Beyond #0 now. Written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Eduardo Risso. This series is a sequel to the universe-shattering series Flashpoint, also written by Johns.

“Batman has some questions. “Why is Deathstroke not acting like Deathstroke?” and “What’s Beyond the Omniverse?” To help him find the answers, he turns to the two people that you never turn to for help, Mime and Marionette. The two fan favorite characters from DOOMSDAY CLOCK return in a preview of the first five pages of FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0, which will be available in all DC periodicals on March 29 and April 5. The 48-page FLASHPOINT BEYOND #0, written by Geoff Johns (DOOMSDAY CLOCK) and featuring artwork by Eduardo Risso (100 BULLETS), kicks off the six issue FLASHPOINT BEYOND event.”

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