Not Your Final Girl Podcast: Sick Sisters- ‘Excision’ And ‘Raw’

by Brendan M. Allen

It’s a very special episode, ghouls. Turns out it was not enough to subject themselves, their listeners, and cool people in the community to their own special brand, Candace and Ariel also needed to upset their horror-averse sisters as well. So today, they’re talking to Sammi and Eliza, their respective younger sisters, about Richard Bates Jr’s blood-soaked and deeply dysfunctional Excision (2012), and Julia Ducournau’s gorgeous cannibal banger, Raw (2016).

Sorry to these sisters, but this is one of NYFG’s most vile double features yet. We’ve got bird dissection, tampon sniffing, finger munching, rash itching, aggressive hazing, the suburbs, and worst of all – the inner workings of families. Growing up is hard, not to mention strange and gross, and sometimes your parents don’t even let you in on all the psychosis/cannibalistic tendencies they’ve passed on to you. Sometimes it’s necessary to meditate on this with some never-ending hair vomit. That’s just how it is.

Do you have someone who hung out with you your whole life, serving both as comforter and tormentor, enacting the physical and psychological violence of childhood and puberty? Sit them down with these movies, and let’s go. We know they’ll forgive you for it.

Show music by Ariel Dyer –

Show art by Brian Demarest:

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