Justice League Honoured With ‘Dark Crisis: World Without A Justice League – Superman’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Tom King and Chris Burnham are teaming up to pay tribute to he soon-to-be-deceased Justice League in Dark Crisis: World Without A Justice League – Superman #1 from DC Comics. Plus, we get a backup Aquaman strip from Brandon Thomas (Aquamen), Chuck Brown (Black Manta) and Fico Ossio (Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom).

“When Pariah and his forces of the Great Darkness laid waste to the most powerful superheroes of all time, all hope was lost…with the Man of Steel suffering the same fate as that of his comrades, join us for a look at a world of dreams he would never have thought possible while alive. Where there’s life there’s hope, and with that hope comes a deeper unraveling of the tapestry of DC Universe’s biggest event of 2022! “

“Superman is maybe my favorite character to write, and Chris is one of my favorite artists in comics, whom I’ve been dying to work with for years, so this project is an absolute joy. It’s an important and emotional story about what Clark missed when he missed Jon’s teenage years, the pain and the glory of seeing your boy grow up.” – Tom King

“I’ve been a fan of Tom since his days on Grayson, so although he’s probably better known for his 12-issue ‘war-is-hell’ epics, I still primarily think of him as writing fun formalist done-in-ones. I’ve got two young boys who haven’t quite figured out what a knucklehead their old man is, so it’s fantastic to be drawing a story about Superman trying to live up to the high standards of his own father. I loved drawing the adventures of Batman and Robin in Batman Incorporated, and it’s been extra fun to draw Superman with a Robin-esque Superboy” – Chris Burnham.

Dark Crisis: Worlds Without a Justice League – Superman #1 will be available on Tuesday July 12th with art and a main cover by Chris Burnham, as well as a 1:25 variant cover by Steve Beach and a 1:50 foil variant of the main cover.

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