Johnathan Lau’s ‘The Phalanx’ One-Shot Homages Rob Lefield’s ‘Youngblood #1

by Olly MacNamee

Bestselling writer and artist Jonathan Luna (20XX, Alex + Ada) will be releasing a new one shot through Image Comics called The Phalanx. And it will be sporting a cover homaging Youngblood #1 in this 30th anniversary year for Image Comics.

“The Phalanx follows Spur, a mercenary in modern-day Los Angeles, who chases a mysterious villain and finds herself going through a portal and running into a famous superhero team. They realize they have a common goal.”

Luna said of this new comic book:

“I’m so honored that Image is publishing The Phalanx, as it’s inspired by the series that launched the company in 1992. I’ve dreamt of making a comic like this for many years, and to have it in print with the Image logo is amazing. To those who also thought the ’90s was a magical time for comics, I hope this one-shot entertains and brings back memories!”

The Phalanx one-shot will be available on Wednesday, June 1st from Image Comics

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