Reconciling Responsibilities With Dreams Of The Future: Previewing ‘Mamo’ SC

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed a preview of Mamo SC, dropping today from cartoonist Sas Milledge

‘Orla O’Reilly, the youngest in a long line of hedge witches, is compelled to return home after the death of her grandmother, Mamo. In the wake of her Mamo’s passing, seas are impossible to fish, crops have soured, and even Jo Manalo’s attic is taken over by a poltergeist! And to make matters worse, it appears that the cause is Mamo, or her mislaid bones, that is.

Can Orla shoulder the responsibility of quieting her Mamo’s spirit, and saving her hometown? And will she have to step up as the new witch of Haresden like Mamo always wanted?’

Collects Mamo #1-5.

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