Advance Review: What We Leave Behind In `Ice Cream Man’ #29

by Tom Smithyman


What happens to the objects we leave behind after we’ve died, and what impact do they have on those who knew us? Ice Cream Man attempts to answer those questions in the latest installment of this though-provoking series.


It is sometimes said that a person’s life can be measured by what they leave after they have died. If that’s the case, Will Parson had a pretty rotten life, as told in Ice Cream Man #29.

Sure he had a wife and daughter, parents who loved him as well as a best friend to share his experiences, but Will’s person effects left a lot to be desired: a couple of DVDs with no player, some beaten-up boots, a stash of illicit drugs and an ill-fitting suit.

During this issue’s story, the reader is ping-ponged between the reading of the deceased’s will and his best friend Corey’s journey to the acceptance of Will’s death. This being Ice Cream Man, it’s not exactly a pleasant journey.

As is usually the case in these one-off stories, writer W. Maxwell Prince tells a though-provoking tale. This issue though is a bit more confusing the usual given the narrative’s interwoven storylines. The story with Corey following his deceased best friend’s life through a carnival and a museum add to the confusion. Still, Prince weaves everything together in the end, providing what could loosely be seen as a rare happy ending for a character in the series. (Again, it’s Ice Cream Man, so that happy ending should be taken with a grain of salt.)

Artist Martin Morazzo has fun with the carnival and museum imagery, depicting a man’s ups and downs as well as his insecurities through the lens of roller coasters and games of chance. He is ably assisted by Chris O’Halloran’s colors. As a bonus in this oversized issue, the reader is treated to some concept drawings.

Ice Cream Man keeps serving up thought-provoking stories of terror that keep the reader asking for another scoop.

Ice Cream Man #29 will be available for purchase on April 20, 2022.

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