Godzilla Meets Wes Anderson: Andrew MacLean Teases ‘Snarlagon’ One-Shot

by Tito W. James

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Snarlagon is a planned 30 page one-shot by Andrew MacLean as his love letter to retro monster movies. The story follows two young lovers who’s fist date is spoiled by an invasion of sinister Angramites. The only being powerful enough to save the day is the mighty Snarlagon. MacLean describes the project as “Godzilla if Wes Anderson wrote it.”

Having followed MacLean’s work from ApocalyptiGirl through Head Lopper, I feel like this is the perfect creative shot in the arm. MacLean has garnered a loyal international fanbase because of his charming characters and action-packed adventures. Hopefully everyone will come along for the ride when Snarlagon hits crowd-funding platforms.

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