Preview: ‘Skip Tracer Volume 1: Legion’

by Richard Bruton

The latest in 2000 AD‘s digital-only collections, James Peaty’s Skip Tracer is a good, old-skool strip, full of action and adventure and some great art from industry veterans Paul Marshal and Colin MacNeill.

The Skip Tracer of the title is Nolan Blake, a space bounty hunter, hunting down those fugitives who’ve skipped custody or bail.

Blake’s based on ‘The Cube’, a floating 27th Century slum city, where this former soldier turned tracker hunts down whoever’s next on his list of bounties, the undesirables and wanted crimes of the Cube.

It’s not revolutionary, it’s not cutting edge, but it is, when you sit down to read this collection of the first two Skip Tracer serials, a well done, entertaining, back to basics thing. And it’s one that’s made considerably better, as I’m sure Peaty would agree by the inclusion of two classic artists, Paul Marshal and Colin MacNeill who bring a fine, fine polish and sense of style to everything going on here.

Skip Tracer Volume 1: Legion

Written by James Peaty

Art by Paul Marshal and Colin MacNeill

Colours by Dylan Teague

Letters by Simon Bowland and Ellie de Ville

Cover by Neil Roberts.

Originally serialised in 2000 AD Progs 2081-2089 and 2100-2108

Published by Rebellion/2000 AD in digital only format on 4th May 2022

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