The Flash #69 Has One Last Trick

by Tony Thornley

The end of Trickster’s reign on Central City is upon us in The Flash #69. Does Barry put a stop to the Rogue’s plans, or is there more to it than that?

Cover by Dan Mora

Joshua Williamson, Scott Kolins, Luis Guerrero, and Steve Wands puts the Flash and Tricker face to face for a final confrontation with unexpected consequences.

Barry and Commander Cold have to work their way out of the Trickster’s traps. Once they do though, they also have an entire city to save. Can they do it before Trickster’s ultimate plan comes to fruition?

Williamson continues to rehabilitate Trickster in this issue, and mostly succeeds. He’s become a competent and sometimes frightening villain here, which just deepens the bench for Flash antagonists. However, the endgame does fall a little flat, with Trickster’s incredible Sage Force-fueled power ending up being used for a heist and jailbreak. However, it does also reset things a bit for Barry, and gives him a new mission following the Year One story, which adds to the incredible progress each story has shown under his pen.

Kolins and Guerrero continue their great collaboration. Kolins’ linework is still very cartoony, but he embodies Barry’s speed, and makes Trickster very threatening. The last few pages, setting up the Year One story to come, are a special treat as well, with a lot of atmosphere transitioning to a very fun, unexpected cliffhanger. Guerrero’s colors are bright without crossing a line into unrealistic, and he casts some of the major conflicts in greys that surround the dueling superhumans in ways that highlight them without sacrificing the rest of the page.

This arc has been a fun throwback in some ways, and a vital reimagining in others. The series continues to be one of DC’s best.

The Flash #69 is available now from DC Comics.

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