Comics From A Galaxy Far, Far Away… Previewing Marvel’s ‘Star Wars’ Comics Out This Week

by Olly MacNamee

This week we’ll be getting Star Wars: Han Solo and Chewbacca #2 and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20, both out Wednesday 18th May

Star Wars: Han Solo and Chewbacca #2

Written by: Marc Guggenheim
Art by: David Messina, Alex Sinclair


THE HEIST IS ON! HAN, CHEWIE and GREEDO have to pull off an impossible heist for JABBA THE HUTT! But who can Han trust? SPOILER: Han breaks into his target’s safe, but you won’t believe what’s inside!”

Cover by: Phil Noto

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #20

Written by: Alyssa Wong
Art by: Minkyu Jung

“FROM HERE TO ETERNITY! DOCTOR APHRA and SANA STARROS confront KHO PHON FARRUS at the heart of an ARCHAEOLOGICAL RUIN! But they’re all about to learn the horrifying truth behind the SPARK ETERNAL… and ONLY ONE will escape unscathed!


Cover by: W. Scott Forbes


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