Ta-Da! Mark Millar Reveals ‘Magic Order 3’ #1 Preview From Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Do you subscribe to Mark Millar’s newsletter? You really should as his latest edition has a preview for the upcoming Magic Order 3 #1 written by the man himself with art by Gigi Cavanago. A new chapter that takes us to the exotic climes of Asia where we meet the local Magic Order members. Here, let me conjure it up for you below:

“SUPERSTAR writer MARK MILLAR launches the third volume of his smash-hit horror series with Italian genius GIGI CAVENAGO (Batman) on art for another SIX-ISSUE RUN.

We’ve met the American and British members of the Magic Order. Now it’s time to meet the ASIAN chapter, including a brilliant new major player in the upcoming live-action NETFLIX SHOW—SAMMY LIU. This issue will be a huge COLLECTOR’S ITEM.”

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