Preview: A Final Journey Into Fantastical Landscapes In ‘The Outer Wilderness’ by Claire Scully

by Richard Bruton

The third and final instalment in Claire Scully’s exploration of landscapes takes us further into the unknown in a bright, imaginative journey to the Outer Wilderness.

I’m a sucker for landscapes in comics, love books that ditch the obvious narrative to focus on the idea of journeys through a place. And I’m kicking myself that I didn’t discover Scully’s trilogy of landscape explorations before this final volume, Outer Wilderness.

Each book in the three-book series stands on its own, a wordless reflection on our relationships with the spaces we all occupy.

Her first two books, which I’ll be picking up shortly, were Internal Wilderness, all about introspective self-imagined places and Desolation Wilderness, covering experience and memory.

But this third book takes things further, taking us away across the universe and into the unknown, with Scully filling the pages with alien landscapes, strange geography, bizarre lifeforms, letting us observe as though visiting travellers, getting a snapshot glimpse of someplace strange before shifting to the next vista before us.

Described as “A sequence of events occurring over an unimaginable period of time in the vastness of space,'” it’s a book that encourages you to bring your own meanings to the imagery on each page, to explore with Scully as you take every visual cue you can from the pages, the colourful and strange art triggering a narrative in your head. And that’s the fun of Outer Wilderness, the lack of set narrative means you’ll find yourself lingering over each page, creating your own storyline, your own background to the imaginative visuals you see.

It’s a visual treat, packed with Scully’s strong, mysterious imagery and bold colour choices, something to take in slowly, letting the visuals imbue their own meanings to you, something to relax into and enjoy for the journey it will take you on.

Outer Wilderness should be available from 16th June (UK) and 23rd June (North America), 32 pages of silent exploration across alien landscapes.

Outer Wilderness is available to pre-order here at the Avery Hill Publishing site.

Now, preview time…


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