Advance Review: Embracing Change In `Little Monsters’ #4

by Tom Smithyman


The key to keeping an ongoing series interesting is change. This issue sets up a change that is coming for our young vampires – and it’s one that should make a great comic series even better.


They say that change is the only constant in life. The same is apparently true for the undead.

After getting their first taste of human blood in at least centuries, the pack of adolescent vampires get their fill in Little Monsters #4. Feasting on the blood of rats and other smaller animals was enough to get them by, but homo sapiens’ plasma sparks a change in the young undead. Instead of acting like kids, they seem to be transforming into true vampires, with a literal bloodlust for humans.

Writer Jeff Lemire appears to be likening this awakening to puberty – much like when the X-Men’s mutants first get their powers. As a result, the children now question everything, including a directive given to them perhaps hundreds of years ago that they must sleep in the same spot each night. That allows them to look further for their prey. Let’s just say the results of their expanded search for dinner aren’t good for either side.

Artist Dustin Nguyen does a great job, as usual, of portraying both the innocence and the terror these young undead represent. It’s when one of the kids opens her mouth to reveal her oversized canine teeth that we truly understand the terror these little monsters represent. He masterfully depicts the dichotomy between the innocent youth before they get their fill of human blood and the engorged beasts who spring to life with newfound energy.

Not all of the children have turned though. A few of the pack are with the human Laura, whose dad the other kids made a meal of previously. That has set up a potential kid vampire vs. kid vampire showdown that has the potential to turn the entire story on its head. And that would be a welcome change to this great series.

Little Monsters #4 will be available for purchase on June 1, 2022.


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