Season 2 Of ’70s Animated ‘Godzilla!’ Series Released By Toho

by Gary Catig

Many of fans of Kaiju know of Godzilla and the various movies the radioactive sea monster starred in. But did you know they were also the star of their own cartoon? Well, now is your chance to see the 1970s animated series over at the Toho’s Official Godzilla YouTube channel.

Both the first and second season, which will be released on June 6th, can be viewed exclusively at the YouTube channel. The cartoons have never been released on home video previously, so this is a good opportunity to watch the show — it’s been rarely seen in over 40 years! Godzilla is joined by their sidekick, Godzooky, on Saturday morning-esque adventures. Both seasons are comprised of 13 episodes with Season Two originally debuting in 1979. Check out the trailer for the second season below.

That’s not the only Godzilla content on the YouTube channel. The “Godziban” puppet show and the original “Godzilla Chomp” documentary series are also there.

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